Frequently Asked Questions

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Content synchronization

The C3 school device contacts the master content server every minute, and checks for new content updates or command messages.

The system only transfers the differences in the content packages since last synchronization. Additionally, it uses file compression for more efficient bandwidth usage.

Yes. Each School device can be configured to synchronize content only during a given time window. An example is to configure transfers to take place only during the night period.

Internet Access Services

Yes, the C3 School device software stack also supports a full internet gateway functionality. The C3 School device software stack is based on a proven Business Gateway platform called eOS (the edgeBOX appliance core OS). The system is based on an optimized and version controlled Linux OS and can scale depending on the hardware platform.

Yes. The C3 software stack also has a built-in transparent web cache and a Firewall. Transparent web cache is based on Squid and the firewall is based on IPtables with our own high performance rule configuration layer.

Device Administration

The Central cloud Server can provides lots of information about the school devices, such as availability status, synchronization status, packages available and synchronized, device location via Google Maps API and ongoing tasks.

The C3 school device software stack has a built-in industry standard NRPE agent that can be configured to provide this kind of monitoring to a central monitoring server. Critical Links can assist the customer project support team to build a NRPE plugin for this purpose.

Each C3 school device contains a web based administration interface. Also, connecting via SSH provides command line interface that can be accessed remotely.

Absolutely! This solution was designed to be fully updated through the Internet, so you can rest assured that your system will have always access to the latest bug, security fixes and new features.