Why C3?

Because Content is King...

and schools around the world face many difficulties that prevent them from delivering the best content to their students. The C3 solution addresses that problem in a number of ways.

What is the current status?

Internet connection is lacking:
  • Non-existent (> 95% in developing countries)
  • Unstable infrastructure (not up 24x7)
  • Slow and high latency
  • Expensive
IT management is difficult:
  • Technical skills lacking
  • Insuficient access to training
  • Limited access to equipment
  • Very time consuming
  • Remote or rural areas

  • Poor or no connectivity

  • Mobile schools

  • Timeouts when playing video courses

  • No access to power grid

  • Expensive Internet satellite time

  • Frequent power outages

  • Slow Internet access

So, what is the net result?

  • e-Learning programs are put on hold or are NOT effective
  • Accessing, managing and distributing content is very difficult
  • Schools and students across region get vastly inconsistent learning experience

Where does the C3 solution help?

The introduction of e-Learning in a school doesn't need to be complicated,
But it must always work.
Students need full speed access to the latest multimedia based curriculum,
And teachers need to easily manage the content.
Students need to focus in just what's really important,
And teachers need to easily control Internet assisted activities.
Access to quality content should not be hindered because of infrastructure
And neither students or teachers should be distracted with intermittent network access, power outages, etc, or spending precious time trying to solve problems outside their main focus.

C3 addresses these needs in a simple and cost-effective way.